Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kichler 'Westwood At Work' Lamps Elevate Your Home Office Decor

Kichler's 'Westwood at Work' Lamps add a touch of sophisticated professionalism to any home decor.

Perfect for your home office, the handsome 17.5" adjustable desk lamp (model 70320 shown above) introduces timeless elegance to the classic banker's lamp profile. In addition to being fully adjustable, this desk lamp includes a rich French Bronze finish that accentuates the fine detailing along the base and body. The lamp's extendable arm allows it to reach a maximum height of 22". It's an intellectual design that integrates seamlessly with the Westwood at Work floor lamp shown below.

The French Bronze Pharmacy Floor Lamp (model 74151) matches the aforementioned desk lamp's details, but elevates them to a 38" height. The floor lamp's extendable arm allows it to reach 60", providing a range of light adequate for illuminating home offices of any size.

They say that you should dress the part of the job you desire. The same could be said for your home office. Each of the nine lamps in this collection offers a unique design that will elevate your office's overall elegance by leaps and bounds. These lamps provide a level of sophistication and professionalism that could only come from Kichler lighting fixtures.

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