Thursday, March 31, 2011

Contemporary Caribbean by Quoizel Lighting

Quoizel RTG2026 1 Light Tobago Fixture Pendant The Quoizel RTG2026 1 Light Tobago Fixture Pendant offers a unique design inspired by the coastal beauty of the Caribbean Islands. Strips of split rattan are bound together to create an eye-catching assymetrical shade that reflects the organic appeal of all-natural materials. A handmade paper inner shade softly diffuses the light revealing the intricately woven profile. A sopisticated and contemporary yet quaint and casual piece, this Quoizel pendant light represents a getaway from the prosaic trappings of modern home decor.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Art & Science Of Lighting Design

In this highly informative video from HouseSmartsTV, host, Andrea Darlas, discusses the basics of lighting design -- ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting -- as well as how a lighting designer approaches a project. Also, lighting designer Avi Mor breaks down some industry lingo and provides excellent tips for picking out the right fixtures.

Trust us, this is one you won't want to miss!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Murray Feiss Gustav Table Lamp Is Garage Sale Chic

Murray Feiss 9577RW Gustav Bedside Tall Table Lamp Rubbed Wood A rubbed wood body and double ivory soft linen shade give the Murray Feiss 9577RW Gustav Bedside Tall Table Lamp a distinct, weathered look that is sure to complement your traditional decor. Normally, you might have to go digging through yard sales and flea markets to come up with a lamp like this, but then you'd likely have to deal with the chores of getting it rewired and refurbished. The Gustav, on the other hand, is unquestionably vintage yet brand spanking new and built to last.

So go ahead and say you found it at a garage sale... we won't tell on you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Craftmade Hathaway Ceiling Fans Combine Old Time Style With New Age Savings

Craftmade HA52BN Hathaway 52 Inch Ceiling Fan With Integrated 6 Light Fixture Kit Brushed Nickel With its integrated 6 light fixture kit, the Craftmade HA52BN Hathaway 52" Ceiling Fan is like a ceiling fan and chandelier in one. Brushed Nickel finish and tea stained glass shades give this fixture a casual, almost rustic appeal. And with well over 50 blade options available (72 to be exact!), you can customize the fan's exact appearance to suit any style of home decor.

Furthermore, the Hathaway offers cost-saving energy efficiency on a number of levels. Of course, like any ceiling fan the Hathaway will help cut back on air conditioning and heating costs by recycling the air in your home - no surpise there. But Craftmade has gone a step further by including 3 CFL bulbs with each fan, so you get to save on both cooling and lighting costs.

Click the image above for more details and be sure to check out the rest of our incredible selection of Craftmade Ceiling Fans.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sea Gull Brandywine Chandeliers Have Us Drunk On Green Decor

Sea Gull 39032BLE-71 5 Light Brandywine Fluorescent Chandelier Antique Bronze The Sea Gull 39032BLE-71 5 Light Brandywine Fluorescent Chandelier offers up a warm traditional design with all the benefits of energy efficient fluorescent lighting. Featuring champaigne marble glass shades, an antique bronze finish, and 5 included 13 Watt Gu24 fluorescent bulbs, the Brandywine chandelier goes a long way towards disspelling the rumor that all fluorescent lights are cold and unwelcoming. Click the image above for more details and check out the rest of the Sea Gull Brandywine Lighting Collection for matching fluorescent pendants, wall sconces and much much more.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fanimation Torto Ceiling Fans Offer Innovation In Design & Functionality

Fanimation FP7900MG Torto 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Metro Grey With Integrated Light & C20 Remote Control The Fanimation FP7900MG Torto 3 Blade Ceiling Fan is unlike any that's come before it. Uniquely twisted blades provide an ultra-modern look that will make this fan a much envied centerpiece, but that's not all they do...

The Torto's airflow pattern is unlike that of your typical ceiling fan. The twisted blades push air at an angle, rather than straight down. Hence, you will feel far more air flow when you sit or stand next to it than when you are directly underneath it.

Torto fans come equipped with an integrated light and C20 remote control, are available in Metro Grey and Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and are suited for dry as well as damp locations.

Remember to use coupon code FANSALE for an extra discount on Fanimation Torto Ceiling Fans.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Interstallar Funkadelic Lighting From ELK

Elk 30022/15 Andromeda 15 Light Pendant In Chrome With Purple Crystal The appropriately named Elk 30022/15 Andromeda 15 Light Pendant features hundreds of purple crystals attached to thin chrome wires to mimic the look of a galaxy of stars. These pendants are a must-have for any fan of fashion-forward disco-style lighting. Click the image above for more details and see the entire ELK Andromeda Lighting Collection for clear crystal and 22 light options.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Definitive Arc Lamp By Dimond Lighting

Dimond D1428 Haute Couture 1 Light Penbrook Arc Lamp Silver Plated & White Marble With its chic silver plated finish and a huge, swooping, retro arc, the Dimond D1428 Haute Couture 1 Light Penbrook Arc Lamp is perfect for loft apartments and other contemporary living areas. The sharp colors and exaggerated curve give this lamp a look that is both seriously stylish and playfully quirky. Click the image above for more details and be sure to check out the rest of our Dimond Floor Lamps as well.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kichler Galaxie Lighting Comes In Peace

Kichler 2042NI Galaxie 10 Light Chandelier Brushed Nickel
Kichler Galaxie Ligthing Collection

The Kichler 2042NI Galaxie 10 Light Chandelier combines a progressive look with contemporary aesthetics to create a design savvy, fashion-forward appeal that is totally out of this world. Brushed nickel finished frames support multiple tiers of clear glass diffusers, making this a large scale piece perfect for sizeable rooms.

Who knew an alien invasion could look so good?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go Green With These St. Pattys Day Table Lamps

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and in the spirit of the holiday we're getting our green on here at the Nova Lighting Blog.

Here are 5 Lite Source table lamps that demonstrate the charm and versatility of green. Which is your favorite? Personally I like the topmost.

Lite Source LS-20830GRN Ashanti 1 Light Ceramic Table Lamp, Green With Fabric Shade
Lite Source LS-2248PS/GRN 2 Light 2-In-1 Table Lamp Polished Steel With Green Glass
Lite Source LS-224AB 1 Light Banker's Lamp, Antique Brass With Green Glass Shade
Lite Source LS-21095GRN Cutie 1 Light Mini Table Lamp, Green Metal Shade
Lite Source LS-21325GRN Belicia 1 Light Ceramic Table Lamp, Polished Steel/Green With Fabric Shade

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nova Bead Collection Offers High Fashion Home Lighting

Nova 6343 Bead 7 Light Pendant Brushed Nickel Perfect for a large and luxurious dining room or foyer, the Nova 6343 Bead 7 Light Pendant brings sweeping ballroom-style elegance to your home decor. Its seven pendants are beautifully adorned with draping, couture-quality chrome beads designed to dazzle and delight your guests with sparkling light. Be sure to check out the matching Nova 6344 Bead 1 Light Wall Sconce as well.

Monday, March 14, 2011

This Is Not Your Parents' Floor Lamp

Kenroy Home 20091SMB Remy Floor Lamp Smoked Bronze Hant bent from a single piece of forged iron, the Kenroy Home 20091SMB Remy Floor Lamp offers an awe-inspiring piece of contemporary decor built the old fashioned way. With its unique smoked bronze finish and retro patterned taupe drum shade the Remy makes a dynamic visual impact on any room. Click the image above for details and see the rest of our Kenroy Home Floor Lamps & Torchieres for more progressive designs like this one.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Access Flora Lighting Is Both Energy Efficient & Inviting

Access 28504 Flora Inari Silk Oriental Glass Pendant Speaking of warm fluorescent lights, the Access 28504 Flora Inari Silk Glass Pendant comes equipped with its own unique color filter, this in the form of a beautiful amber glass shade.

Other glass options include cobalt blue, red, and white, and you can also choose between brushed steel and oil rubbed bronze finish.

Click the image above to see all of these options and be sure to check out the other home-friendly flourescents in our Access Flora Lighting Collection.

More Inspirational Public Lighting From Leni Schwendinger

In last week's video, Leni Schwendinger took us on an educational and inspirational walk through New York City, studying its various public, commercial and residential light sources. Here's another video from Leni Schwendinger, this focusing on an incredible streetscape commission at the Louisville 2nd Street Bridge. The full description from YouTube is below.

The underside of the bridge is enhanced with a floating effect of cast light; outlining and illuminating the I-beam surfaces and textures. The duo-tone color scheme -- red and gold -- is balanced with the cream color of paint coating. The colors -- bridge as canvas and the lighting -- are based on a celebration of amber liquid bourbon and colors of sunset.

On the face of the bridge pointing toward Washington and Witherspoon a line of bright beacons are programmed in dynamic and rhythmic sequences which whiz up and down Second Street each hour and count down the hour -- from sunset to Midnight on weekdays, and sunset to 2:00 Am on Friday and Saturday. On the hour, beneath the bridge, the sequences bring the old I-beam structure to life, as if the bridge itself is breathing.

Technologically this design is notable for the use of standard fluorescent lights -- most often found in offices and industrial locations, combined with color filters and an advanced programming system to create an ambience of warmth and animation. The beacons can also be seen on Paris' Eiffel Tower.
Fluorescent Lighting has come under criticism for being too cold and impersonal, but if you ask me this video does a wonderful job of putting that rumor to rest.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kenroy Home Pendant Lighting 'Floats' Above The Competition

Kenroy Home 80490CH Bubbles 1 Light Mini Pendant Chrome Basic but eye-catching, the Kenroy Home 80490CH Bubbles 1 Light Mini Pendant is a prime example of the brighter side of minimalist-style decorative home lighting. With a chrome head encased in clear bulbble glass and tethered to an adjustable chord, this pendant provides a fun, modern look without any of the gimmicky flash or flair. Click the image above for more details and click here to see the entire Kenroy Home Bubbles Lighting Collection.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Quoizel Lighting Exclusive From

Speaking of last one available, here's another Quoizel light you might have trouble finding anywhere else...

Quoizel GE6226SE Genova 2 Light Table Lamp Stonehedge We've featured the Quoizel GE6226SE Genova 2 Light Table Lamp on this blog before, but with inventory dwindling at various manufacturers and showrooms around the country, we figured it'd be a good idea to let you know that we still have 1 left in stock. Using Quoizel's unique stonehenge finish and amber scavo shade, this lamp blurs the line between classic European and contemporary casual. If you think this distinct design would complement your home decor then get it now while it's still available.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Luck Finding This Quoizel Light Anywhere Else

Quoizel LSM1618GY 3 Light Laurie Smith Millennium Flush Mount Gallery Gold While the polished chrome silver look has reigned supreme in home lighting fixtures for a few years now, the latest home fashion trends seem to indicate that gold is making a big comeback in 2011. The gallery gold finish of this Quoizel LSM1618GY 3 Light Laurie Smith Millennium Flush Mount provides picturesque framing to the fixture's art deco insired design.

Please note that supplies are extremely limited on this light. In fact, we might actually have the last one available ANYWHERE... so if you're a fan of designer Laurie Smith and her Quoizel Lighting Collections then order now!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Ultimate Barbecue Light by Kichler Lighting

Following the thread of yesterday's post, here's another nifty little outdoor lamp from Kichler Lighting.

Kichler 15123BK Outdoor Mr11 Barbecue Fixture Black Material (Not Painted) Any proud grill-master will tell you that there is more to barbecuing than just flipping meat; it's all about timing and finesse and without proper lighting even the best of us can slip up from time to time.

The Kichler 15123BK Outdoor Mr11 Barbecue Fixture is designed specifically to illuminate your grill during evening and nighttime barbecues. What makes this fixture truly great is not just the amount of light it provides (it provides plenty), but the virtually unlimited adjustability it offers. The lamp's flexible neck allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it, so you'll know exactly when your meat's good and ready to serve.

Also, once the grill's turned off you can always readjust the lamp to provide an additional light source for late night schmoozing. Who knew an outdoor lamp could offer such functional versatility?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who Says Table Lamps Are Only For The Inside Of Your Home?

Kichler 70557 Outdoor Table Lamp Woodbark Finish For a truly inspired outdoor living space, this handsome 31" high table lamp is a great way to continue a realistic, natural theme while ensuring you the light you need, whenever you need it. The lamp's Brown bark finish has been formed to give the piece the look and feel of authentic wood branches with lifelike detail. It features a Basil green textured fabric shade which is stain, fade, and mildew resistant, ensuring it will continue looking good for years to come.

Kichler 70504 Outdoor Table Lamp Distressed Black Hand formed with the look of cast iron, this 31" Outdoor Table Lamp is a classic piece that will bring out the best in your outdoor living space. The lamp's Distressed Black finished frame recreates the aged texture of a piece that was formed by skilled blacksmiths hundreds of years ago. A decorative ceramic accent located in the center adds a touch of color and sophistication, while the Sedona textured shade also resists stains, fade and mildew.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Classic Chandelier Design by Nuvo Lighting

Nuvo 60-513 5 Light 22 Inch Chandelier Beveled Glass With Downlight Polished Brass The Nuvo 60-513 5 Light 22" Chandelier is perfect for hanging in any casual dining room, entertainment area or bar. Whether it's for a commercial or residential application, the clear beveled glass shade and polished brass frame will boost your decor while integrating seamlessly into your surroundings. Click the image above for more details and click here to see more Chandeliers by Nuvo Lighting.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quoizel Autumn Ridge Lights Decorate Your Home's Exterior With Authentic Art Glass

Quoizel TFAR8409BE Autumn Ridge Small Wall Lantern The Quoizel TFAR8409BE Autumn Ridge Small Wall Lantern lets you enjoy the beauty and drama of art glass on the outside of your home. Inspired by the arts and crafts movement, this design showcases a hand-crafted, genuine art glass shade with a three-dimensional geometric pattern. Rich earth tones give the fixture a natural color scheme that will complement your outdoor decor. See the rest of the Quoizel Autumn Ridge Lighting Collection for more outdoor lights with beautiful art glass shades.
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