Friday, March 4, 2011

The Ultimate Barbecue Light by Kichler Lighting

Following the thread of yesterday's post, here's another nifty little outdoor lamp from Kichler Lighting.

Kichler 15123BK Outdoor Mr11 Barbecue Fixture Black Material (Not Painted) Any proud grill-master will tell you that there is more to barbecuing than just flipping meat; it's all about timing and finesse and without proper lighting even the best of us can slip up from time to time.

The Kichler 15123BK Outdoor Mr11 Barbecue Fixture is designed specifically to illuminate your grill during evening and nighttime barbecues. What makes this fixture truly great is not just the amount of light it provides (it provides plenty), but the virtually unlimited adjustability it offers. The lamp's flexible neck allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it, so you'll know exactly when your meat's good and ready to serve.

Also, once the grill's turned off you can always readjust the lamp to provide an additional light source for late night schmoozing. Who knew an outdoor lamp could offer such functional versatility?

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