Friday, March 11, 2011

More Inspirational Public Lighting From Leni Schwendinger

In last week's video, Leni Schwendinger took us on an educational and inspirational walk through New York City, studying its various public, commercial and residential light sources. Here's another video from Leni Schwendinger, this focusing on an incredible streetscape commission at the Louisville 2nd Street Bridge. The full description from YouTube is below.

The underside of the bridge is enhanced with a floating effect of cast light; outlining and illuminating the I-beam surfaces and textures. The duo-tone color scheme -- red and gold -- is balanced with the cream color of paint coating. The colors -- bridge as canvas and the lighting -- are based on a celebration of amber liquid bourbon and colors of sunset.

On the face of the bridge pointing toward Washington and Witherspoon a line of bright beacons are programmed in dynamic and rhythmic sequences which whiz up and down Second Street each hour and count down the hour -- from sunset to Midnight on weekdays, and sunset to 2:00 Am on Friday and Saturday. On the hour, beneath the bridge, the sequences bring the old I-beam structure to life, as if the bridge itself is breathing.

Technologically this design is notable for the use of standard fluorescent lights -- most often found in offices and industrial locations, combined with color filters and an advanced programming system to create an ambience of warmth and animation. The beacons can also be seen on Paris' Eiffel Tower.
Fluorescent Lighting has come under criticism for being too cold and impersonal, but if you ask me this video does a wonderful job of putting that rumor to rest.

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