Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crystorama Crystal Types

Crystorma Lighting Fixtures are world-renowned for their luxurious crystal patterns and designs. The refraction of light passing through their prisms creates a fiery brilliance of the utmost optical purity. To achieve this stunning result, Crystorama uses six different types of crystals. Here is a breakdown of each crystal type.

Crystorama 710-AG-GT-MWP Bohemian Golden Teak MWP Crystal Basket 2 Light Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture Aged Brass Golden Teak Hand-Cut Crystal (GT-MWP) is created by adding warm Golden color to hand-cut crystal and then hand-polishing it on a wooden wheel.

Crystorama 5522-AG-GTS Gramercy 2 Light Wall Sconce Aged Brass With Golden Teak Strass Crystal Swarovski Golden Teak Strass Crystal (GTS) is an authentic Swarovski Strass Crystal that is color coated to give it a deep, rich appeal.

Crystorama 5505-PW-SSS Mirabella 5 Light Chandelier Pewter Cilver Shade Swarovski Strass Crystal Swarovski Silver Shade Strass Crystal (SSS) features a new, pale shade inspired by high-fashion. The mirror-like tones that coat SSS crystals allow them to coordinate with any decor.

Crystorama 1486-HB-CL-MWP Majestic 5 Outside Light Chandelier Historic Brass With Hand Polished Crystal Hand-Cut Crystal Majestic Wood Polished (CL-MWP) is the traditionalist crystal of choice. It is hand-cut on iron and then on a sandstone wheel, before being polished on a wood wheel with marble dust. This is a method that dates back centuries and insures that every crystal is a uniquely detailed work of craftsmanship.

Crystorama 4470-CH-CL-SAQ Maria Theresa 25 + 1 Light Chandelier Chrome With Clear Swarovski Spectra Crystal Swarovski Spectra Crystal (SAQ) is crafted using both advanced technology and old world knoweldge. Precision cutting adorns these gorgeous crystals with superior light refraction capabilites. Designed with a passion for perfection, this crystal type is ideal for the connoisseur who demands quality at an affordable rate.

Crystorama 1488-HB-CL-S Majestic 8 Light Chandelier Historic Brass With Swarovski Strass Crystal The original Swarovski Strass Crystal (S) is considered the finest crystal in the world. It is free of flaws and unique in its purity. Strass Crystal is manufactured by Swarovski AG in the Austrian Alps. It contains a lead content in excess of 30 percent, and is treated with an invisible coating that eliminates dust attraction and makes the crystal easier to clean. The Strass signature is indelibly etched into each crystal via state-of-the-art laser technique.

The price of Crystorama lights generally depends on the type of crystal used, though there are other determining factors such as the amount of crystals, size of the fixture, etc. Customers can identify which type of crystal is used in each fixture by looking for the crystal code (GT-MWP, GTS, SSS, CL-MWP, SAQ, or S) that appears at the end of the model number.

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