Monday, July 26, 2010

10 Vintage Chandelier Designs By Murray Feiss

From the metal cages of the Alexandria and Stirling Castle collections to the candelabras of the Mademoiselle and King's Table collections, Murray Feiss Lighting offer some of the most elegant and elaborate vintage lighting designs available today. Here are ten of our favorite traditionally-styled Murray Feiss chandeliers.

Murray Feiss F2298/3BK Alexandria 3-Light Kitchen Chandelier Black
Murray Feiss Alexandria Lights

Murray Feiss F1982/3PBR Seville 3 Light Chandelier - Kitchen Peruvian Bronze
Murray Feiss Seville Lights

Murray Feiss F1800/4PBR Mademoiselle 4 Light Chandelier Peruvian Bronze
Murray Feiss Mademoiselle Lights

Murray Feiss F2221/4WAL Drawing Room 4 Light Mini Duo Chandelier Walnut
Murray Feiss Drawing Room Lights

Murray Feiss F2030/5PAL Casbah 5 Light Chandelier Palladio
Murray Feiss Casbah Lights

Murray Feiss F2003/5ATS Coventry Castle 5 Light Chandelier - Kitchen Aged Tortoise Shell
Murray Feiss Coventry Castle Lights

Murray Feiss F2187/6LBR Cervantes 6 Light Chandelier Liberty Bronze
Murray Feiss Cervantes Lights

Murray Feiss F1986/6PBR Seville 6 Light Chandelier Peruvian Bronze
Murray Feiss Seville Lights

Murray Feiss F2277/6AF King's Table 6-Light Chandelier Antique Forged Iron with 3 Accent Rings
Murray Feiss King's Table Lights

Murray Feiss F1918/12+1BRB Stirling Castle 12 Light Two Tier Chandelier British Bronze
Murray Feiss Stirling Castle Lights

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