Monday, November 2, 2009

Crystalline Luxury by Crystorama Lighting

Since 1958, Crystorama Lighting has stood at the top of the decorative lighting industry. Their concern for excellence is expressed in the styling and detailing of each lighting fixture. Crystorama's authentic traditional designs represent some of the finest in hotel lighting, club lighting, restaurant lighting, and residential lighting products throughout the United States and abroad.

Though Crystoroma specializes in stunning crystal chandeliers, they produce many lighting fixtures of numerous types including gorgeous flush mount ceiling lights such as the basket light shown above. This 6 light fixture is a perfect representation of the value Crystorama places on old world craftsmanship. A similarly remarkable attention to detail is demonstrated within each of their Bohemian crystal lighting fixtures.

To see more of Crystorama's wonderful lighting designs, check out this video:

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