Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keep Your Home Warm With...A Fan?

Few people realize that a ceiling fan can help warm the home through colder months. It's common knowledge that hot air rises. It's less commonly known that by setting your fan to run counterclockwise (looks clockwise from below), you can direct this warm air down the walls and around your living space. During fall and winter seasons this cuts back on the amount of work required of your heater. This in turn will cut back on your total heating costs. Homeowners should be sure to keep their ceiling fans set on low, so that the fans don't cool the warm air.

The 3 Light Centaurus (shown above) from Fanimation Ceiling Fans offers a revolutionary design that is sure to turn heads. It features three dramatically bent wood blades, a sleek satin nickel housing, and high-quality downlight. The blades come available in either cherry, mahogany, or maple finish. Watch the short video below to see the Centaurus in action.

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