Monday, February 1, 2010

Dale Tiffany Table Lamps

For years, Dale Tiffany Lighting has been widely recognized as the leading designer and manufacturer of fine art glass lighting. Dale Tiffany offers an extensive array of designs utilizing the "copper foil" technique - a glass assembly method developed over one hundred years ago by Louis Comfort Tiffany himself. Through this meticulous process, skilled artisans spend hours upon hours meticulously crafting each individual piece. Consumers who choose Dale Tiffany lighting for their home decor will be proud to know that each individual light is truly unique work of art.

For an idea of the some of the unique styles Dale Tiffany has to offer, check out these three tiffany table lamps:

This 2 Light Bellas Table Lamp (TT101033) features Weather Ford finish on the base with a tiffany and mica shade. It's a classic look with vintage appeal capable of beautifying any location.

The 1 Light Capistrano Table Lamp (TT60272) features an Antique Bronze Finish and tiffany shade. Tree branch arms and two golden birds perched atop a wooden centerpiece give this lamp a uniquely artistic, natural appeal perfect for placement within a country style home decor.

This 2 Light Pebblestone Table Lamp (TT90172) features a classic tiffany style shade, with Antique Golden Sand finish and small leaf-shaped accents on the base. These soft yet striking color combinations make for a humble, elegant appeal that will enhance the atmosphere of any bedroom or living room. Click here to see more of the Dale Tiffany Pebblestone Lighting Collection.

Click here for more Dale Tiffany Table Lamps.

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