Monday, February 8, 2010

Warehouse of Tiffany Lighting is proud to announce that we now carry a wide selection of gorgeous lighting fixtures from Warehouse of Tiffany, a company that specializes in manufacturing the highest quality tiffany and craftsman style decorative lighting. All tiffany lights the company produces are manufactured via the copper foil technique popularized by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 20th century. Through this process, individual glass pieces are hand-cut, wrapped in copper foil, and soldered together. The use of this technique results in intricately crafted fixtures, each of which is a truly unique work of art.

Here are a few of the amazing tiffany lights that Warehouse of Tiffany has to offer:

This 2 Light Grapevine Tiffany Table Lamp (2562-PB07) features a beuatifully crafted ceramic base. The shade's design features leafy vines and clustered grapes meticulously constructed from 372 glass pieces and 205 cabochon gemstones. Green, purple, red, and amber hues color the shade.

This 2 Light Tiffany Semi-Flush Ceiling Fixture (2562-PB07) features a sturdy bronze finished base and a red and yellow shade. 176 hand-cut stained glass pieces make up the shade's chic construction. It's a striking contemporary design that is sure to enhance your home decor.

The 2 Light Yellow Dragonfly Pendant (TC16275C) contains a whopping 456 hand-cut stained glass pieces as well as 96 jewels. Beautifully ornate dragonfly designs are incorporated along the edge of the pendant's shade, marking a beautiful transition from the bronze finish of the base to yellow tiffany glass. This eye-catching piece is sure to inspire plenty of oohs and aahs wherever it is placed.

These are just three of over 100 lights now available. Click the links below to see more:

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