Monday, October 18, 2010

ELK Sousa Chandelier Sings Of Distinction

If you needed any more proof that ELK really does make "lighting for distinctive homes," as their slogan indicates, well, here it is.

Elk 10138/6+3 9 Light Sousa 6 + 3 Chandelier In Polished Nickel The ELK 10138/6+3 9 Light Sousa Chandelier is a marvel of modern minimalist design. Easily distinguished by its ultra low profile frames, the ELK Sousa Lighting Collection combines a sleek polished nickel finish with reeded etched glass that is hand blown into unique cylindrical shapes. This piece is perfect for a large contemporary kitchen or any large living space with a minimalist decor. For smaller spaces, 3 & 5 Light Sousa Chandeliers are also available.

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