Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Energy Star Chandeliers By Nuvo Lighting

An industry leader in energy efficient light fixtures,Nuvo Lighting has one of the largest selections of CFL Chandeliers available today. With over 60 unique models to choose from, Nuvo Fluorescent Chandeliers run the gamut from old world vintage to fashion forward contemporary.

Here are 5 of our personal favorites:

Nuvo 60-500 Palladium 6 Light Cfl Chandelier The Nuvo 60-500 Palladium 6 Light CFL 25" Chandelier pairs satin frosted shades with a smoked nickel finish for a postmodern look with a definitive edge.

Nuvo 60-2445 Viceroy Es 3 Light Chandelier Burnt sienna shades and golden umber finish are put to marvelous use by the Nuvo 60-2445 Viceroy ES 3 Light Chandelier, a simply styled piece that represents the pinnacle of transitional design.

Nuvo 60-2456 Keen Es 2 Tier 9 Light Chandelier The Nuvo 60-2456 Keen ES 2 Tier 9 Light Chandelier takes art deco design to the next level, combining satin white glass shades with an ebony / brushed nickel finish to make a true modern classic that speaks of elegance and sophistication.

Nuvo 60-3826 Odeon Es 6 Light Chandelier Standing at the crossroads of transitional and modern lighting design, the Nuvo 60-3826 Odeon ES 6 Light Chandelier ties together a wide range of styles to create a look that is simple yet striking. Parchment glass shades and aged bronze finish offer warm, transitional appeal, while the pairing of cylinders and rectangles points towards a more centemporary aesthetic.

Nuvo 60-3865 Jet Es 5 Light Chandelier Finally, if what you're looking for a true 20th century ceiling fixture, you can't go wrong with the Nuvo 60-3865 Jet ES 5 Light 12" Chandelier. White opal shades and a polished chrome finish put the perfect finishing touches on this ultra contemporary design.

All Nuvo Fluorescent Lights are EnergyStar Rated and guaranteed to use significantly less electricity than their incandescent counterparts. For more information on these chandeliers, click the images above.

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