Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dimond Floor Lamps: Professional and Conceptual

Dimond floor lamps represent an extension (both literal and stylistic) of the design savvy put forth by Dimond table lamps. As promised last Friday, here is a look at some more fantastic Dimond lighting designs.

This 1 Light Exeter Floor Lamp (D1411) features a chrome and black granite finish with a double framed silver organza and white shade. Its ultra-contemporary design makes it ideal for application in a large office building or minimalist home decor. Notice the utilitarian placement of a small mid-level shelf, which can provide a neat temporary storage space when your hands are full.

This 2 Light Park Avenue Floor Lamp (D1474) comes to us from the Dimond Trump Home Lighting Collection. Though also contemporary, this floor lamp has a much more classical appeal than the Exeter. Its solid chrome finish and midnight black shades are all business, while the coiled arm extensions provide a slightly cold-blooded modern appeal perfect for an upscale home office or sophisticated bachelor pad.

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