Friday, January 8, 2010

Introducing Dimond Lighting is proud to announce that we are now carrying table and floor lamps by Dimond Lighting, the newest member of the ELK lighting family. Like ELK, Dimond was founded with a solid commitment to deliver innovative, design-conscious lighting fixtures. For an idea of the many styles this brand has to offer, take a look at these Dimond table lamps.

The 1 Light Armagh Table Lamp (D1480) is one of many standout pieces from Dimond Lighting's Trendsitions Collection. It features a chrome and crystal finish and white shade. Eye-catching modern appeal derives from the lamp's spiral body, which creates a rather mind-bending optical illusion. It's a piece that is sure to inspire awe and admiration in any setting.

The 1 Light Kensington Table Lamp (D1437), a much more traditional piece, is part of the Dimond Legacies Lighting Collection. Here, a dennison bronze finish is complimented by a trebic dark beige shade with rope trim and cream liner. This vintage homey design makes for an ideal addition to any traditional country home decor arrangement.

Last but certainly not least, this 1 Light Malvern Table Lamp (D1456) comes to us from the Dimond Haute Couture Lighting Collection. Its base touts a finely glossed black finish with white handprint detail. The shade is made of a translucent flocked organza fabric. Timeless black-and-white design is set off by subtle touches of contemporary chic for a soft and alluring appeal.

Mystic modern, vintage country, and soft contemporary - these are just three of the myriad styles available from Dimond table lamps. Realistically speaking, their design palate is too broad for summary. Check back next week for a look at some floor lamps and further discussion of Dimond Lighting's stylistic complexities.

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