Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Framburg Lighting: The Chandelier Standard

Since 1905, Framburg Lighting has set the standards for quality chandelier design and manufacturing. Because their history is far too detailed to summarize in one blog post, I strongly encourage everyone who is interested to read their story on their website.

Framburg Chandeliers are world renowned for their superior quality, thematic consistency, and design integrity. Skilled artisans and master craftsmen dedicate extensive hours to building and finishing each piece by hand. The resulting fixture is one of enduring quality and unrivaled authenticity.

This 5 Light Dining Room Chandelier (1115) is part of the American Vintage Lighting Collection, a collection that pays tribute to Framburg's centennial anniversary. These lights showcase early baroque influences with layers of different brass components. Here, a hand-rubbed mahogany bronze finish provides a warm metallic glow, while hand-shaped Italian glass shades offer a slight glitter to the chandelier's rich texture, evoking an air of mystery about an otherwise traditional American design.

For a look at the more contemporary side of Framburg lighting, we turn to this 3 Light Dinnette Chandelier from the Framburg Solstice Lighting Collection. The design of these fixtures, which might appear minimalist at first, is actually anything but. The shallow radii in the arms, stems, and glass are gently trimmed to perfection in order to complement one another precisely. This has the affect of unifying the chandelier's structure with an other-worldly, post-modern appeal. Its appearance is enhanced by subtle polished nickel accents that add just the right amount of radiance to the satin pewter frame.

Between these two disparate styles, Framburg Chandliers offer myriad other designs. With the brand's century-strong comittment to quality and consistency, it is safe to assume that they will continue to set the chandelier standard for years to come.

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