Monday, May 24, 2010

Fanimation Vintage Portable Fans Throwback To The 20s In Style

Fanimation FP3320BG Fargo Portable Fan A tribute to the classic desktop bank fanks of the 1920s, the Fanimation Fargo Fan creates a big, refreshing breeze without rustling the papers beneath it. These fans are available in three finish options: Burgundy Faux Leather With Brushed Brass Accents, Oil Rubbed Bronze With Antique Brass Accents, and Satin Nickel With Chrome Accents.

Fanimation OF6320OB Fitzgerald Portable Fan The Fanimation Fitzgerald Fan offers a new twist on a jazz-age design style. Whether you choose to place the fan on your table or mount it on the wall, this vintage portable is guaranteed to turn heads. Choose from either Oil Rubbed Bronze or Satin Nickel finish.

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