Monday, May 3, 2010

Three Curious Quoizel Lights From Laurie Smith

Quoizel LSM2826TM Large 3 Light Laurie Smith Millennium Pendant Teco Marrone This 3 Light Pendant (LSM2826TM) comes to us from the Quoizel Laurie Smith Millennium Lighting Collection. With its sophisticated Teco Marrone finish and sleek, simplified form, this pendant manages to walk the fine line between traditional and modern styles.

Quoizel LSM1624GY 4 Light Laurie Smith Millennium Flush Mount Gallery Gold Here we have a 4 Light Flush Mount (LSM1624GY) also from the Millennium Collection. Simultaneously quaint and elegant, this Gallery Gold finished fixture offers simple, clean lines that reflect a personalized sense of style. In fact, Laurie Smith designed this Art Deco inspired flush mount for the entry hall of her own home.

Quoizel LSE5008PS 8 Light Laurie Smith Era Chandelier Pewter Plated Perhaps the most distinctive of all Laurie Smith lights, this 8 Light Chandelier (LSE5008PS) is the odd man out in the Quoizel Laurie Smith Era Lighting Collection. Its design was inspired by 1930s Italian design, but given a fresh, peculiar edge for the homeowner of today. Clean, elegant lines are enriched by superior craftsmanship and a gleaming Pewter Plated finish.

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