Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quoizel Hillcrest Outdoor Fluorescent Light Has A Mind Of Its Own

Quoizel HC8413IBFL Hillcrest Extra Large Wall Mounted Outdoor Fluorescent Light The Quoizel Hillcrest Outdoor Lighting Collection includes several energy efficient fluorescent lights that have received the Energy Star seal of approval. Amongst these is the HC8413IBFL Extra Large Wall Lantern (shown above). This light measures in at 17 1/2" by 13" and is capable of doing the job of multiple smaller outdoor lanterns while using significantly less electricity. The fluorescent bulb comes equipped with a specially designed photocell that automatically turns off the light during daylight hours. It's a nifty feature that is sure to help your home or business cut back on its overall energy consumption.

For a limited time only, the HC8413IBL is available at a low discount price as part of our Quoizel Lighting Sale. Smaller versions of this light, the HC8406IBFL and HC8407IBFL, are also available.

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