Friday, June 11, 2010

Bringing Outdoor Lighting Indoors

Often times people fail to recognize the inherent versatility of outdoor lighting. Indeed, all outdoor lights are designed with exterior applications in mind, however, just about every outdoor light can be used for several interior applications as well.

Bringing outdoor lights indoors can have amazing and unexpected effects on the decor of homes, bars, and restaurants alike. In fact, many bars and restaurants have already adopted this tactic with outstanding results.

These two pieces from the Quiozel Newbury Lighting Collection provide fine examples of how outdoor lights can work wonders in interior settings.

Quoizel NY1180K Newbury 4 Light Outdoor Hanging Candelabra Mystic Black This NY1180K Newbury 4 Light Outdoor Hanging Candelabra is ideal for creating up a casual yet elegant atmosphere in a restaurant or bar setting. At 60 watts, the candelabra provides the kind of cool, dim light that is perfect for pendant-style placement above a booth or table.

Quoizel NY8339K Newbury 4 Light Outdoor Wall Mount Candelabra Mystic Black The NY8339K Newbury 4 Light Outdoor Wall Mount Candelabra is usually installed just outside of a home, perhaps on a porch or deck, but imagine it just inside along a large foyer or entryway. Functioning like an interior wall sconce, this expansive candelabra can work as an accent light to provide a warm, memorable welcome to your home's guests.

Both of the fixtures above are displayed in transitional Mystic Black finish, but several other options are available including the more traditional Medici Bronze. Shop for Quoizel Exterior Home Lighting at to see more.

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