Thursday, June 3, 2010

Return of the Table Torchiere

With vintage styles becoming more and more popular in contemporary home decor, look for table torchieres to come back in big way. Surround the perfect table torchiere with your favorite candles and marvel at how your new lighting arrangement adds depth of character and ambiance to any living space. Here are some wonderful table torchieres brought to us by the good people at Murray Feiss Lighting.

Murray Feiss 9209CB Aegean Table Torchiere Corinthian Bronze The 9209CB Aegean Table Torchiere uses a Corinthian Bronze Finish to offset its hand blown speckled champagne opal glass shade. Elaborate detailing creates an majestic, timeless appeal.

Murray Feiss 9610AUB Claremonte Table Torchiere Autumn Brown Here the 9610AUB Claremonte Table Torchiere features an Autumn Brown Finish below another speckled champagne glass shade. It's the classic torchiere look, one of luxurious simplicity.

Murray Feiss 9628UGD Hollywood Palm Table Torchiere Urban Gold Urban Gold Finish highlights the curves of this 9628UGD Hollywood Palm Table Torchiere, while a white and brown marble casing adds an antique sense of artistic flair to the glass shade.

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