Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ELK Novelty Pendant Lighting - Travel By Land Or Air

What's better than a model car or airplane?

How about one with the power to illuminate a room?

Seriously though, everyone knows that installing a light fixture is no substitute for assembling a model. Nevertheless, here are some lights that are ideal for showing off any model car/airplane collection. These four pendants from the ELK Novelty Lighting Collection are perfect for children of all ages as well as avid automobile and aircraft enthusiasts.

ELK 5082/2 Race Car Novelty Pendant Light
ELK 5093/3 Wild Ride Novelty Pendant Light
ELK 5084/1 Biplane Novelty Pendant Light
ELK 5056/3 Chopper Novelty Chandelier Click the images above for more details.
Click here to see more ELK Pendant Lighting.

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