Monday, June 21, 2010

Dale Tiffany Desk Lamps Class Up Any Personal Office Space

Dale Tiffany Lighting brings early 20th century charm and elegance to today's home offices with a small but impressive collection of desk lamps. Of the seven lamps available these three are our personal favorites.

Dale Tiffany TA100114 Geo Swing Green Square Desk Lamp The TA100114 1 Light Geo Swing Green Square Desk Lamp is as functional as it is beautiful. An adjustable height and reach allow you to re-position the lamp for any number of tasks, while the classic aztec-style tiffany shade offers an air of stateliness and sophistication.

Dale Tiffany 7975/422 Dragonfly Bankers Lamp The 7975/422 1 Light Dragonfly Bankers Lamp merges vintage bankers lamp style with classic dragonfly tiffany shade design. By incorporating tiny shoots and leaves into the lamp's antique bronze finished body, Dale Tiffany creates a look that is uniquely eye-catching yet unimposing.

Dale Tiffany MT701018 Kincaid Functional Table Lamp The MT701018 1 Light Kincaid Lamp is professional and adjustable enough to work as a desk lamp yet tall and quaint enough to function as a table lamp. Shoddy red wine finish brings out the intricate details of the body design, while an adjustable arm allows you to position the shade just where you need it.

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