Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sea Gull Landscape Lights Bring Artistic Ambiance With Torched Copper Finish

The Sea Gull Ambiance Lighting Collection contains some of the most attractive and versatile landscape lights available today. From recessed deck fixtures to path and spot lights, Ambiance addresses all landscape lighting needs. One component that really makes this collection pop is the Torched Copper finish option. Torched Copper provides an authentic, weathered appeal that integrates seamlessly with well wooded landscapes.

Sea Gull 9366-836 Ambiance 1 Light Recessed Deck Fixture The 9366-836 1 Light Deck Fixture is perfect for installing along steps. It provides ambient downlighting, enhanced by a louver trim design.

Sea Gull 92057-836 Ambiance 1 Light Path Fixture The 92057-836 Single Light Path Fixture wears the Torched Copper finish with lifelike grace and beauty; a romantic piece that will add a sense of bucolic drama and natural flavor to any path setting.

Sea Gull 92062-836 Ambiance 1 Light Landscape Perhaps most well suited for the Torched Copper finish is this 92062-836 Landscape Spot Light. Because spot lights usually come in rather prosaic finishes, it's refreshing to see how easily this fixture wears such pronounced colors. Notice how the fringed outline offers a delicate charm that enhances the fixture's weathered appeal.

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